Linda Teränen (1994)

lead vocals, double bass /

laulu ja kontrabasso

Oskari Nieminen (1993)

guitar, harp, vocals /

kitara, huuliharppu ja laulu

Vilho Voutilainen (1995)

drums, backing vocals /

rummut ja taustalaulu


RelaxTrio is a rock 'n' roll band hailing from Rauma Finland. Before RelaxTrio, Linda and Oskari had played and performed together a couple of years. Back then Linda played accordion. At 2004 Linda won the local song contest for children and they got a gig to a big market happening at Rauma. They wanted more instruments for the gig and knew, that Vilho was "the man" behind the drums, so they asked him to join the group. 2005 Linda got a double bass and so the RelaxTrio at its present form were born. Music style of the band soon became rockabilly country blues.

Relaxtrio on vuonna 2004 perustettu rockabilly-bändi, joka on tunnettu energisistä sekä vauhdikkaista keikoistaan. Yhtye on julkaissut kolme pitkäsoittoa porilaiselle Jungle Records levy-yhtiölle, joista viimeisin (III) julkaistiin kesäkuussa 2016.